The Neptaverse is a collection of habitable planets located within relatively neighboring Wildspace systems when considering the entirety of existence. These planets, that have housed life for thousands of millennia, have evolved into an interplanetary empire named the Silverhost. This realm, the Silverhost Empire, that spans trillions of light years is connected by a set of arcane gates made in an unknown time by an unknown people. These gates, the L'Astra Porta are what the Silverhost is founded upon.

The Empire is governed by the Capa-Senatorum, the House of the Warden-Elects, the all powerful, oversight electorate. It consists of a large number of racial compositions and galactic representatives from every corner and angle of the Neptaverse. This Empire, like all empires before it, is always expanding; reliant on the growth and the industry that comes with it. Expansion has become the focus of the Warden-Elects and with that expansion, comes an exponential growth to the number of threats.

Threats to the Empire's longevity come from everywhere, including within. Its short history is wrought with civil feuds and expansionist wars that have nearly destroyed itself on numerous occasions. Its hold on the collected galaxies is not a certain one and the Capa-Senatorum is a political viper pit of power hungry planetary motivations.

The union that is the Silverhost is in a constant struggle to maintain the control of the irreplaceable system of ancient arcane gates that connects the planets. These planets have a large militaristic presence on each that protect the gate itself and the cities that have built up around them. Their importance to the realm is paramount, without them there would be no Empire. They allow anyone and anything to freely travel between them, giving the ability to the Silverhost to rapidly transport the entirety of their forces across their domain. Through this system, the risk becomes minimal compared to the chaos and dangers the Astral Sea provides.

The discovery of more of these gates has become the key to expansion for the Empire. Finding new gates enables the cycle of industry to continue unabated. This cycle has existed since the Empire's founding. Well funded galactic exploration guilds, also known as the trade planet hopping, send convoys of ships that sail the gates and beyond in search of traces of more portals of this ancient system. The large industry guilds that finance the exploratory guilds, cooperate with the Capa-Senatorum in exchange for rights to the contracts for the harvestable resources. This symbiotic relationship can be tenous and there are often inter-empire squabbles and alliance shifting with different factions within the realm vying for power.

The discovery of a new branch of L'Astra-Porta is a sure way to become generationally rich and live the rest of your days in fame. For some of the captains and crews of these star sailing ships, that is what drives them, to live in history or at least die trying. This is even more true for those that scout the Outer Planes. Where physics and logic itself start to bend and then bend some more until they break completely.

There are an uncountable number of planes of existence in the Neptaverse. Prime among them are theTrinity Planes in which Gods exert their will or influence over all the other planes. The Reflection Planes of the Mater, those most bound by the natural laws of physics, are the theatre in which the Divine Family and the other Gods source their powers. The planets with discovered gates reside in the plane of the Mater and though there are a number of other gates through the twin dualities of the Reflection Planes, the Silverhost remains solely an empire of the material realm. Factions within the Trinity Planes have forever been entangled in a metaphoric good versus evil battle that remains a balance neither has been able to tilt in their own favour.

And here we are as the balance continues....


Game Master Guide
Everything a DM needs to run games in the Neptaverse.
The History, lore hooks, quick charts, rule adaptations, new mechanics

-49 New Magic Items
-29 New Spells
-39 Unique Monsters
and much more...


    49 new magic items including Arcana-Tec such as Aeroboards and Weave Suppressor Fabrics and older more rare Rune-Tec items like Rune-rings and Astral Cogitators.

    Each item is tiered and priced with a description on how it would be crafted. All items are unique to the Neptaverse with flavorful suggestions for their use.


    29 new spells all flavored for the Neptaverse and the Sanctioned Magic System overseen by the Magistrate described in this book.

    Revised for the new Magic divided into the three magical natures - Arcane, Divine and Primal. Each spell has an origin story and description of its verbal, somatic and material components.


    39 New Monsters only found in the Neptaverse. The Empire has many planets under its stewardship, each with its own unique environments and ecosystems. These monsters are samples of the hostile animal and plant native to these worlds. While some are considered infestations that need eradication, others are creatures of rarity and beauty, nevertheless deadly to those less cautious.

On The Brink

Complete adventures filled with political intrigue, detective-work, bounty hunting and of course monster killing.

-9 Multi-Session Adventures
-99 VTT NPC Tokens
-39 VTT Monster Tokens
-19 VTT HD Maps
- Easy-To-Use setup guide

  • 9 Multi-Session Adventures

    9 Adventures all tied together via a politically charged campaign storyline within the Silverhost Empire.

    A city full of intrigue and a mystery of corruption lead the path of the campaign while locations and NPCs find entertaining and deadly side quests.

  • 19 HD Maps for VTTs

    A city's worth of complete building maps. 19 highly detailed locations filled with trinkets, story hooks and hidden details that will immerse your virtual table top play.

    An easy-To-Use setup guide for NPC tokens and grid sizing makes setup a breeze for any DMs using digital maps.

  • Top View Tokens for VTTs

    Tokens include the NPCs for every map provided as well as the city's law, the Marshals and prominent crime figures the Hood.

    Also included are tokens for the 39 Monsters of the Neptaverse in the Vade Mecum Book.


Everything needed to become an Agent of the Ordo

- 9 New Races
- 29 New Sub-Classes
- 9 New Backgrounds
- 9 New Feats


    9 new races uniques to the Neptaverse and lore for adapting the classic races to the Neptaverse.

    From the Elves of Lisante to the Mammut of the Ice Planet of the same name every race has a place in the Neptaverse.


    29 new sub-classes dinstinctly new and made for the lore of the Neptaverse. Amazing and fun like the high flying Aerobaord Paladin sub-class of the Harrod's House Knights these sub-classes are why the Neptaverse is so cool.


    Backgrounds are what make a character a character and our backgrounds ensure they belong in the Neptaverse with feats that will help your character fit into the epic fantasy and magical environments of the world.