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The Whalerman III

The Whalerman III

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Available on DM's GUILD only.

The party has come upon a map detailing the final resting place of the ‘Forever Misery’, the flagship of the fabled Captain Whalerman III. On the back of the map the Captain tells of being marooned on an island and unable to fix his ship. He bargains to anyone that comes to save him, his hoard of gold, gems and other treasures collected.

This adventure is an exploration of a haunted cave in seek of a stranded treasure; all mixed with a revelatory love story between a pirate captain and the witch who trapped him. This adventure has multiple encounters, a spooky setting, a tricky puzzle, a mysterious evil apparition and of course a legendary treasure waiting to be found.

This adventure includes a set of two dimensional maps and a folder of media including token png files that can be used in any virtual tabletop.

This adventure map and token pack is the first in the Padruey Coven series.  

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